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Pau Sanchez Valdivieso -

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    Rook Monster

    rook monster

    This is the first monster which appears on level 1. It is the most basic one and can be moved perpendicularly as a tower does in a chess game

    Bishop Monster

    rook monster

    This kind of monster can be moved only diagonally by itself. However, it can also be moved perpendicularly if it is pushed by another monster

    Queen Monster

    rook monster

    It can be moved in all directions, that means both perpendicularly and diagonally. It can also be moved indirectly by another monster's action

    Help the monsters reach the color they belong to!

    Do you like color puzzles? Or looking for a groundbreaking puzzle game? Then you MUST try this game!


    Galactic monsters is a revolutionary color puzzle game which implies dragging the monsters to their right color square or creating color clusters, depending on the game mode you choose.

    This breakthrough puzzle includes infinite levels which are generated by the game’s Artificial Intelligence making the game board size grow as levels go by. The number of movements is also generated by the A.I. ensuring that there will always be moves enough to overcome the level.

    This crowning way of proceeding makes a game that never ends can be real. Indeed! Game levels are INFINITE!

    The monsters (explained right there over) can be moved in directions they cannot go only when pushed by another monster, e. g. If a Bishop Monster swaps its position with a Rook Monster, this one will have to move diagonally to change the position even if it cannot do that move by itself.

    This simple but breathtaking game will make you feel the thrill of testing your puzzle skills while you enjoy your journeys dragging monsters around.


    We are working on a new game mode involving a customized level editor where users will be able to create their levels and dare other players to overcome them! At the same time, the game’s website version is being built in order to play directly from the web! Does not that sound good?

    Help the monsters reach the color they belong to!